Monday, July 1, 2013

What We Did Last Weekend – Cake, Cleaning and Celebrating!

Uncle Don was in town from New Mexico on Thursday and Friday, so Houston and I started off by celebrating his birthday!  I baked a chocolate cake and dropped it off before work in the morning so it would be at the house when he arrived.    I wanted to make sure he knew it was there, so I left a note…

Yep… I left a note in the hallway of the house. 

Friday night after work was time for BBQ – Famous Dave's BBQ.  OMGoodness, I don’t eat ribs often, but I may have to start!  They were delicious!!!  Horribly messy and I had all sorts of nonsense stuck in my teeth, but that was easily fixed with some soap and floss.  Worth it!

[ignore the creepy eyeballs - I should have taken the picture before we went inside]

Saturday was SO. MUCH. FUN!!!  Houston and I took a morning walk to the Eastvale high school and looked around at the carnival that was happening at the park. - at 10 in the morning it was already 90 degrees outside, seriously, did the center of the Earth swallow the Inland Empire this weekend?  Hotter than Hades.

We ate breakfast at Corky's and walked through Home Depot and then headed back to Houston's house.  [seriously, we are a total old couple, but there is nothing quite like the joy of just walking together, hand in hand and experiencing life together].

I absolutely LOVE organizing; and I think I have some organizing skills…I suppose some would call it OCD, but  either way, I would be perfectly happy with a career in organizing.  I apologize to any of my friends who have ever fallen victim to my compulsive need to categorize their magazines or color block their belongings... seriously, hide your wrapping paper, t-shirts and coffee mugs - I have issues.  

[seriously, how can I get a gig organizing on “Clean Sweep”??? - dream job]

For a couple months, I have been working on creating  a coupon stockpile for Houston’s house.  Most everything has been free or over 50% off.  There are just some things that that we stock up on anyway even though they don’t ever go that heavily discounted [dang you, Glide dental floss!].  The stockpile has been mostly under Houston’s sink and scattered a little bit elsewhere in the master bathroom.  BUT.  He loves me and knows how much I enjoy organizing, so he green-lighted putting the stockpile in the cabinets upstairs.  HAPPY DAY!!!  We consolidated the linens that were already in the cabinets and then got organizing!

And now it looks awesome! doesn't it?  DOESN'T IT???

We watched a movie (RED) and then to celebrate our accomplishment, we ate dinner at Don Jose' - YUM.  I ate wayyyy too much but it was so good!  Totally dropped my phone in the parking lot before taking this picture... I blame the extra chips I ate for making me clumsy; Houston was disappointed relieved I didn't crack my iphone screen (he has been anxiously waiting for me to make the switch to an android phone).

Sunday I had to wake up super early to finish reading and take my Sociology exam (which I aced).  Not my favorite way to spend Sunday morning. NOT. AT. ALL.  - But that is the consequences of not going to college after high school. (lesson learned time and time again; stay in school kids. It sucks having to be a grown-up and have college to contend with too). 

Church was encouraging/challenging/insightful.  (oh to possess the blend of honesty and grace that Jesus did)... But the music was REALLY loud.  I don't know if it was the 103 degree heat or the music, but I ended up with a killer headache.  Houston had a baseball meeting (practice was cancelled so that no one would die of heat stroke in this ridiculous weather!) and I headed home after lunch.  A couple loads of laundry, vacuuming and other housework... then a solid hour an a half lounging on the couch watching TV and clipping coupons.  NICE.

Mom let me know that Dad would be home later in the evening, he had been gone for work, and everyone went over to the house to have fried chicken for dinner (can you say "fat weekend"???).  I don't know what it is about my Mom's fried chicken, but it is awesome.  It is crispy and crunchy on the outside, but the inside is never burned.  She has a gift.  Dad finally got to open his Father's Day presents - new saber decals from Houston and a photo collage from me.  [Thank heavens for Joann's coming to my rescue, they were the only store to have a frame for FOUR 4x6 horizontal photos!  - Who would have thought that would have been so difficult???] The pictures are the last four Easter Sundays - I take a photo every year with Papa and his grand-kids sitting on the diving board... it is crazy to see how much they all change in just twelve months.

My Dad is my hero.  Always has been.  Always will be.  There is no one in the world quite like him - although Houston is doing a mighty fine job at earning a very coveted spot on the "hero" board as well.  He is pretty awesome.

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