Wednesday, July 24, 2013

To follow or not to follow...

If you like my posts, you can follow my blog one of two ways:  1. subscribe by email or 2. follow with Blogger.

1. Follow by email - enter your email address in the box on the main screen (pictured below), verify your subscription and when I update with a new post, you will get an alert sent to your email.  Easy-peasy.

2.  Follow with Blogger or Google+ - If you have your own blog, you can follow on your Blogger dashboard.  Directions below:

Click on the blue "Join this Site" (pictured above).

Select the account you would like to log in with - I used Google Gmail as an example:

Log into your email account:

Follow publicly and your photo pops up on the main screen of Polka Dotted Blue Jay:

Ta-da!!!  Now you are a "follower" and Polka Dotted Blue Jay will appear on your dashboard feed.

*** Option 3 is to just click the link I usually post on Facebook... That works too.  

Thanks for your support, friends.  <3

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