Monday, July 8, 2013

Show Me the Money!!!

A few months ago, I posted about Crowdtap.  A survey website that was sending me frequently to Old Navy for free clothes (and some for a friend too!) and stocking my apartment with enough toilet paper for six months!!! Click {here} for the list of my freebies!

Well, Crowdtap launched a new format in May and I haven't been chosen for a "sample and share" since the re-launch.  Bummer.


I have been cashing in on some quality Amazon giftcards!!!  Heck yes!!!

I could not contain myself when I got the email that I had won, not one, not two, but THREE Amazon giftcards!!!  That is $15 free dollars and I didn't even have to really work for it.  Take a few surveys every couple days and upload a picture now and then???  Totally doable.

[btw - I also have never watched an episode of ANY of the Housewives shows, but I will gladly take that giftcard, thankyouverymuch.]

So seriously, if you haven't already signed up... DO. IT. NOW.  Crowdtap is no joke! Or email me and ask if you have a question... I am happy to help.

(I don't get anything if you sign up... I just love sharing the frugal things in life)

Happy savings my fellow frugal friends!!!

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