Saturday, July 6, 2013

Happy Birthday America - A Fourth of July Thursday!

The Fourth of July has ALWAYS been my favorite holiday!!!  If only I had been better at math, I totally would have pursued a career in pyrotechnics.  I LOVE fireworks.  Well, I love fire in general... my parents had to practically pull me away from the fireplace at Christmas - truth is that I still love to sit on the fireplace and play with the fire.

Pyro-confession aside...

Houston and I celebrated Fourth of July at my parents with "everyone".  Yes, there are a TON of kids at my parent's any time we celebrate a holiday... but the kids are what make the day so much fun.

My flat iron died and I used the opportunity as an excuse to wear my new Dodgers hat (cute, right?) and I kept it patriotic with a white tee, blue tank top and a red necklace.

I was in charge of the yard games for the day and Houston helped me figure out which ones to play:

  • Egg Toss - the pair that can throw the egg the furthest without breaking it, wins.
  • Beach Ball Keep Away - the pair that keeps their beach ball in the air the longest, wins -- this didn't work since it was too windy. dang it.
  • Water Gun Fill 'Er Up - use a water gun to fill up a cup being held by your partner, first to fill, wins.
  • Marshmallow Relay - A Fourth of July twist on a pie eating contest.  The first person to transfer all of the marshmallows from one plate to another, using only their mouth, wins.

[Chris helping Nate to keep up with the older boys - he is such a great dad]

The kids were hilarious and they had a blast trying to run the marshmallows back and forth. I will definitely need to repeat this game again! 

We had a lovely day outside; enjoying the sunshine, BBQ and the pool... poor Houston got pulled into the pool, but he was a great sport about it.  I love hearing Emma say "Hooo-ston" and Isaac has decided that he and Houston are going to have a top secret Lego club.

We ended the night watching fireworks and eating s'mores [yum].  While the kids ran around, we kicked back in some lawn chairs wishing we didn't have to go to work in the morning... I mean really, WHY did we have to go to work???

Needless to say, our relationship has come a long way since last July when we were "just friends" - ha! who did I think I was fooling???  


  1. I just love your blogs :-) you two are adorable!!! <3