Monday, June 3, 2013

What We Did Last Weekend - Finals

This past weekend was a blur.  It was like the weekend didn't exist. [super lame].

Friday night started the marathon review of 12 chapters of extremely challenging concepts for my final in my online accounting class. This last 16 weeks have been brutal.  It is difficult to "teach" yourself concepts simply by reading a textbook - and a VERY poorly composed textbook to boot!  I had my accounting co-workers, Houston, and random friends who excel at math all agree that the textbook did not explain concepts well, and since math based subjects tend to be challenging for me anyway... This class sucked.  I did however find a few dozen grammatical errors throughout the book (one point for the book worm). - speaking of which, I haven't read a book for the shear joy of reading in almost 4 years (I had a copy of pride and prejudice    in my shopping cart at Target and Took it out... I should have just bought it). 
Anyway... Friday night.  Studying.  Lame. 

Saturday I got up and made it to Zumba and even though I was super sore from Thursday (my hamstrings felt like rubber bands) it helped me blow off some steam before taking my final. 

A little lunch and off I went to tackle the exam.  [Have I said how much I hated this class!!!?!?]

With that behind me (I got a 75%, dang it) I started getting ready (it was 2:30 in the afternoon) to meet up with Houston at 5:30. 

We drove to have dinner in Long Beach with Ruby and Gary at a place called Roe - omgoodness the tilapia tacos are the BEST!  I love Long Beach - it is always wonderful to spend the day there.  The weather is so much more appealing tere than in Moreno Valley. On Saturday MV was a scorching 100 degrees and LB checked in at around 75 - delicious.  

[photo is from the last time we ate at Roe]

Dinner was followed by going to the movies to see "now you see me". Now... I am not a "movie fan" - I would MUCH rather spend $10 on something else... Especially since $10 won't even get you into the theater depending on the time of day (such a rip off).  Anyway, I LOVED that movie!!!! It was entertaining and had a great story - without all the other nonsense that sooo many films have these days.  I highly recommend it, like, go see it tonight so we can talk about it ASAP!

Sunday was a relaxing day - complete with a nap!!! Hallelujah!  Church, Portillos for lunch (yum), and Target and Walmart. Scored some great deals with my coupons and stocked up on some necessities!  Houston and I are totally an "old couple" - we find great joy in just doing the simple things every day. 

The night ended at Bob's Big Boy and with me splurging and drinking a cherry coke (I usually only have a soda once or twice a month). BIG mistake.  Totally cracked out on caffeine and still have a headache (today is Tuesday). Whyyyy do I do that to myself???

Now... The work day is over and I am officially on vacation!!!  Whoo hooo!!! Brace yourself for all the shenanigans that will be happening in the next five days.  

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