Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What We Did Last Weekend - Errands & Dominoes

Last weekend was a blur (again)...

I started by feeling totally sick on Friday night and ruined plans with Houston to go to the movies.
Saturday morning got off to a better start, and even though I wasn't 100%, I went to Zumba.  After all, sweat is the best medicine, right???

I ran home after class and got ready as fast as possible.  Exhilarate fitness was hosting a free nutrition session, and I didn't want to miss it.  Did you know it is better to drink water between meals and limit how much you drink WITH food? The enzymes that help with digestion get washed away when we drink and eat at the same time.

Leah joined me for the class and then we went to have a bestie lunch at chili's.  I have never examined a menu so closely in my life.  The "normal" meal I would order was 1,900 calories!!! And that doesn't even include the chips and guacamole I eat as well.  I love this girl. I am beyond blessed to have a friend who has stuck by my side for the last 10 years.

The rest if the afternoon was spent running errands with a little spoiling in between… My first pedicure of the summer!!! Woah, was that over due.  Not sure I like how orang-ey the polish turned out, but I figured it was something different from my very predictable pink.

Then I tackled Target, Kohl's and Walmart - side note: I am almost to the point where I do not care how much I save by couponing at Walmart... it is beyond tolerable to walk in there sometimes.  It is like every individual who doesn't possess the slightest shred of manners is drawn to the big blue Walmart sign.  I have had it.  On the bright side... I LOVE having Houston to go shopping with, he is so easy going.  Even better - he is strong and helps me haul all the bags from the store up to my third floor apartment... what a great guy!

Saturday night, Houston and I went to see "42" at the discount movie theater.  Wow, it was good.  Do not take small children to see it as some of the racist language would be quite shocking, but for teens who understand the struggle of segregation, I think it would be alright.  Even though I knew the "ending" from history, it was entertaining and a very well made movie!

Sunday was a day in Long Beach visiting Ruby and Gary.  We ate sushi... yes, I continue to try new foods I would have never DREAMED of eating a year ago, and I was determined to use chopsticks and not a fork... I destroyed some of the rolls in the process, but did manage to get some food in my mouth.  The rest of the afternoon was spent learning how to play "5" with dominoes.  It was fun, and I wish that my elementary school teachers had used games like THAT to teach me how to count!  - Then (maybe) I actually could.

Part of me would like to hibernate for a week or so... do laundry and just sleep.  Next weekend can't get here soon enough!!!

[sorry for the boring pictures... it was a bad hair weekend. LOL]

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