Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What We Did Last Weekend - A Birthday & Besties

Nothing like starting the weekend with a squeaky clean bathroom!!!  I love cleaning my apartment and keeping my home spick and span.  BUT.  Recently my little castle in the sky (I live on the third floor) has been horribly neglected. Dislike.  But this weekend I got caught up on some very overdue chores.  I didn’t accomplish everything that I set out to, but I certainly slept better knowing some laundry was done and my tub was scrubbed.

Saturday morning I just couldn’t motivate myself to get to the Toyota dealership before 8:00 to drop off my car for an oil change… there is something about the forcefield that is my bed – I NEVER want to get up in the morning.  So I went to Zumba and burned off the calories I was anticipating consuming later in the day and then Houston and I dropped my car off on the way to my nephew Nate’s 5th birthday party. 

Nate is such a cutie!  He is becoming such a big boy and has such a sweet personality!  He asked for a camera as a birthday present, and this camera obsessed Auntie was happy to comply.  The search for a kid friendly, "real" looking camera for under $100 was a little frustrating... But Target saved the day with {this} camera!!! They even had a black one that was on sale, and for $40 it takes pretty good pictures and the touch screen was a breeze for Nate - the buttons are similar to the ones on an iPhone. 

The kids swam all day (oh to be a kid again) and Houston took the time to show me how to use his "old" DSLR that he is soooo generously allowing me to use as my own.

[life dream come true - that camera is gorgeous!!!]. 

Needless I say, it will take some practice to master all the controls, but I am sooo excited!!! I can't wait to take some more pictures!

Sunday started with church - nothing quite like singing old hymns to start making me an emotional mess for the day.  Ugh. Every time we sing a hymn I can hear my Grandma and Grandpa Jay singing in the row behind me.  It just makes me miss them. Badly.  

After church, Houston and I drove to Riverside to meet up with Justin and Leah for lunch and a movie. The Houghs have wonderful news... They will be having a BABY. BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!!  Leah too me the news last weekend before we went to lunch {here}. Talk about overjoyed!!!  [- and for those of you wondering if I can keep a secret, I am Fort Knox!!!  I screamed when Leah posted the announcement online and ran inside to tell Mom!!!]  I cried like a baby all throughout lunch - I never should have tried to pray for our food. I was a hot mess.  This only made brunch more interesting as the guys continually tried to get me to cry my happy tears for two weekends in a row.  

We ate at El Torito [which by the way, has a Sunday brunch that I was not NEARLY prepared for... next time I will remember my stretchy pants and plan for a nap immediately afterwards] and then saw Superman at the Plaza.  The movie was great... I only had a few minutes of severe anxiety - the suspenseful music gets me every time.   

I'm so glad I cleaned a little on Friday, because the rest of Sunday was spent doing homework and reading.  

...and thus the vicious cycle of waiting for the weekend begins again.  

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