Thursday, May 23, 2013

What we did last weekend - Birthday Edition

I LIVE for the weekend.

No, seriously... lately it is all I can do to shuffle through the week, surviving the stress of one very uptight co-worker, tripping and struggling through an online class with a HORRIBLE textbook, and just feeling like I am always six steps behind where I need to be!  I have made a bad habit of staying up WAAAYY too late on Friday nights, just cleaning my apartment, reading my favorite blogs or just vegging - it is like a huge sigh of relief when I walk through the door and know that the next 36-ish hours are all about relaxing/having fun/doing what I want/need to do!

Last weekend was a BLAST... in fact, I need a weekend to recover from my weekend!!!  UGH.

Houston's birthday was on Friday and I arranged to have the day off!  Hooray! I spilled the beans and told Houston about my request and he INSTANTLY declared he wanted to go to Disneyland. Now, you know that this would never take any convincing on my part, but I wanted to do what HE wanted for his birthday, not what he knew I would love!  He insisted and we made plans to visit the Happiest Place on Earth!!! [indeed]

Thursday night I had Curry Fried Rice from our favorite Thai restaurant, a coconut cream pie and delicious beers waiting when he got home from the train.  Yum!!!

[this is what happens when you leave all the birthday supplies hidden in your car while at work for 9+ hours, dang... at least "birthday" still looked alright]

Friday we were up and at 'em and did some birthday celebrating at Houston's house... Orange cinnamon rolls and presents!!!

We got to Disneyland by 10:30...  I really don't think I will ever accomplish arriving before the park opens - it just seems impossible to get out the door that early!

Perfect 73 degree weather, a busy but not insanely full park and quality time with each other made it a wonderful WONDERFUL day.  I am beyond blessed to call him MINE!

I wish I could go back and just sit on the curb on Main Street USA forever.  I really wanted to see the parade, so we camped out an hour ahead of time to get a great spot and just enjoyed people watching [baby watching was really more like it - I seriously could have died from the cuteness!]  Holding hands there on the hard concrete, I told Houston "I love you".  Yep.  For the first time.  And I do...soooo much.  Seriously, how did I get so lucky???

At the end of the night we enjoyed the fireworks over Sleeping Beauty's Castle - such an awesome day.

Saturday I made good on a promise from last year and tried to go golfing with Houston for his birthday... what I considered an epic fail at golfing still ended up being a delightful day! We used a Groupon for a course in Murrieta and the weather was perfect a second day in a row!!! - Thank you, Lord!

I haven't been on a course in over three years, and I have NEVER tried a full course... needless to say, I was completely self conscious and intimidated.  My hands and arms totally gave out on the sixth hole and I spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the sunshine, driving the golf cart [FUN] and soaking up the view of my man killing it on the golf course!

Thankfully Sunday was indeed a day of rest.  Church, Portillo's for lunch and then an afternoon of almost nothing!!!  delicious!  I clipped coupons and Houston laid on my couch organizing music files with the new Google Music.  That is my favorite part about our relationship... yes, the Disneyland and golfing was fun [duh, it is Disneyland] but we love just being together... even if it is doing silly stuff like coupon trips to Target.

Happy Birthday, Houston.  I love you.

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