Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sample & Share for Your Derriere - Cottonelle

Recently I received free Cottonelle toilet paper and flushable wipes from Crowdtap as a sample and share!!! FUN!  

I decided to make little gift baskets to give to my friends and thought it would be cute to decorate with the standard blue restroom sign… well, I was assuming I would be receiving coupons or giftcards to go purchase the Cottonelle items and had my heart set on cute little gift bags.  Imagine my surprise when I had a ten pound box of toilet paper arrive at my door!!!

I thought I would still take some pictures of the box I made, even though I didn’t end up using it.

I printed the blue restroom graphic on regular white paper, cut it out and rounded the corners.  I just double sided taped it to the small blue take-out box I picked up from the dollar tree (they are three for a dollar – win!)  An empty toilet paper roll stood in place of a traditional name tag (I find this hilarious).

I made a small card with the same graphic and wrote a funny note on the inside (or at least I think it is funny).  –Maybe none of this is funny to anyone else, but I was totally jazzed about not having to buy toilet paper for a while!

I also found $2 coupons in the paper, so I included those for my friends as well… I figure, if they like the product, why not save some money???

I ended up just tying ribbon around the package of toilet paper, and sticking a bow on top of the wipes – not as cute, but I made it work.

*side note:  I am totally including these wipes in the supplies to send to the US troops in the Middle East!  I can’t imagine how hot, dirty and uncomfortable they are in so many pounds of gear.  I’m sure a clean tush would be absolutely wonderful and is probably something they don’t often have.


  1. lol...Oh my gosh
    ..I just now saw this! I love the restroom sign and empty toilet roll....so creative!

    1. Thanks Summer! I even tried tying a bow out of toilet paper, but it just looked "crappy". lol