Thursday, April 25, 2013

Crowdtap = Free Stuff!

I am NOT cheap.  I run my air conditioner and frequently buy a bagel from Starbucks (which actually kills me since I can buy a bag of bagels for the same price!) but I definitely enjoy getting things for free!!!  That is the main reason I coupon; I like getting groceries and household supplies for a fraction of the original price!  Yes, I am frugal... but I like it that way!
A year ago, Leah called me and said she had a coupon to use at Old Navy and she wanted to give it to me [thank you, bestie].  Turns out, it was a coupon for a FREE wool coat!!!  Not kinda free, or mostly free… ABSOLUTELY free!!!  I walked out of Old Navy with a $100.00 coat and I didn’t even have to pay sales tax!!!

“Tell me about this coupon, and where can I get one??!!!” – I practically screamed.  Leah told me she had signed up for an online survey site called CROWDTAP and it was legit!  I had signed up for survey sites in the past, and I was skeptical… but I most definitely could not deny the pretty new coat I held in my hands!  Leah just needed a few pictures of us in our coats, and she said she would have to complete a short survey to submit to Crowdtap.  That was it… free coats for us!!!

Ok, so I signed up. 

There are a lot of multiple choice surveys on a daily basis called “quickhits”.  For example: 

How often do you go to Target?
*More than once a week. 
*Once a week.
*Less than once a week.
*I don’t shop at Target [seriously, is that even possible???]
Click the answer that is most appropriate and that is it!

Each time you answer a quick hit, you earn points.  Points can be redeemed for prizes (mostly t-shirts from Crowdtap), donations to a non-profit (I chose The Invisible Children), or Amazon gift cards!

If you really enjoy it, you can sign up for moderated discussions (looks like a Facebook thread conversation with other “tappers”) or photo challenges – Crowdtap asks you to take a photo that usually incorporates a brand of some sort. 

The photo below was a submission for Cascade.  I had to write a short description, easy-peasy!

I didn’t earn anything for free for about six months… but once I ranked high enough, they started pouring in! 

Here is what I have received for FREE through Crowdtap in the last year:

Old Navy Scarf, Skirt, Sweater (and the same for 3 of my friends)

2 Old Navy Sweaters (and 2 for Leah)
10 samples of Woolite and a $10 gift card
26 Rolls of Cottonelle Toilet Paper and 3 tubs of wipes – see {this} post
2 Old Navy t-shirts (and 2 for Leah)

$25 Amazon Gift Card

Fantastic, right???

I have fun making the freebies as fun as possible and trying to win an “excellent” score.  I have had a couple excellent photo challenges and even won an excellent on a discussion (I was sooo excited, since that is out of the WHOLE Crowdtap website!)

“Tapping” takes a little bit of my time every day (usually on my lunch break or while I am commuting to LA on the Metrolink), but it doesn’t have to be life consuming.   If you have any questions, let me know or click {this} link to get started yourself!

Right now I am hoping I get selected for another Old Navy freebie: bathing suit, skirt, beach towel, and beach bag – a set for me and then three additional sets for friends!!!  Whoo hoo!!!


  1. Wow! I had no idea you got that much stuff for free! I need to get back on it. Fun post:).

  2. @Summer - Seriously! And Leah has received even more than I have!!! :0)