Thursday, April 25, 2013

Crowdtap = Free Stuff!

I am NOT cheap.  I run my air conditioner and frequently buy a bagel from Starbucks (which actually kills me since I can buy a bag of bagels for the same price!) but I definitely enjoy getting things for free!!!  That is the main reason I coupon; I like getting groceries and household supplies for a fraction of the original price!  Yes, I am frugal... but I like it that way!
A year ago, Leah called me and said she had a coupon to use at Old Navy and she wanted to give it to me [thank you, bestie].  Turns out, it was a coupon for a FREE wool coat!!!  Not kinda free, or mostly free… ABSOLUTELY free!!!  I walked out of Old Navy with a $100.00 coat and I didn’t even have to pay sales tax!!!

“Tell me about this coupon, and where can I get one??!!!” – I practically screamed.  Leah told me she had signed up for an online survey site called CROWDTAP and it was legit!  I had signed up for survey sites in the past, and I was skeptical… but I most definitely could not deny the pretty new coat I held in my hands!  Leah just needed a few pictures of us in our coats, and she said she would have to complete a short survey to submit to Crowdtap.  That was it… free coats for us!!!

Ok, so I signed up. 

There are a lot of multiple choice surveys on a daily basis called “quickhits”.  For example: 

How often do you go to Target?
*More than once a week. 
*Once a week.
*Less than once a week.
*I don’t shop at Target [seriously, is that even possible???]
Click the answer that is most appropriate and that is it!

Each time you answer a quick hit, you earn points.  Points can be redeemed for prizes (mostly t-shirts from Crowdtap), donations to a non-profit (I chose The Invisible Children), or Amazon gift cards!

If you really enjoy it, you can sign up for moderated discussions (looks like a Facebook thread conversation with other “tappers”) or photo challenges – Crowdtap asks you to take a photo that usually incorporates a brand of some sort. 

The photo below was a submission for Cascade.  I had to write a short description, easy-peasy!

I didn’t earn anything for free for about six months… but once I ranked high enough, they started pouring in! 

Here is what I have received for FREE through Crowdtap in the last year:

Old Navy Scarf, Skirt, Sweater (and the same for 3 of my friends)

2 Old Navy Sweaters (and 2 for Leah)
10 samples of Woolite and a $10 gift card
26 Rolls of Cottonelle Toilet Paper and 3 tubs of wipes – see {this} post
2 Old Navy t-shirts (and 2 for Leah)

$25 Amazon Gift Card

Fantastic, right???

I have fun making the freebies as fun as possible and trying to win an “excellent” score.  I have had a couple excellent photo challenges and even won an excellent on a discussion (I was sooo excited, since that is out of the WHOLE Crowdtap website!)

“Tapping” takes a little bit of my time every day (usually on my lunch break or while I am commuting to LA on the Metrolink), but it doesn’t have to be life consuming.   If you have any questions, let me know or click {this} link to get started yourself!

Right now I am hoping I get selected for another Old Navy freebie: bathing suit, skirt, beach towel, and beach bag – a set for me and then three additional sets for friends!!!  Whoo hoo!!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sample & Share for Your Derriere - Cottonelle

Recently I received free Cottonelle toilet paper and flushable wipes from Crowdtap as a sample and share!!! FUN!  

I decided to make little gift baskets to give to my friends and thought it would be cute to decorate with the standard blue restroom sign… well, I was assuming I would be receiving coupons or giftcards to go purchase the Cottonelle items and had my heart set on cute little gift bags.  Imagine my surprise when I had a ten pound box of toilet paper arrive at my door!!!

I thought I would still take some pictures of the box I made, even though I didn’t end up using it.

I printed the blue restroom graphic on regular white paper, cut it out and rounded the corners.  I just double sided taped it to the small blue take-out box I picked up from the dollar tree (they are three for a dollar – win!)  An empty toilet paper roll stood in place of a traditional name tag (I find this hilarious).

I made a small card with the same graphic and wrote a funny note on the inside (or at least I think it is funny).  –Maybe none of this is funny to anyone else, but I was totally jazzed about not having to buy toilet paper for a while!

I also found $2 coupons in the paper, so I included those for my friends as well… I figure, if they like the product, why not save some money???

I ended up just tying ribbon around the package of toilet paper, and sticking a bow on top of the wipes – not as cute, but I made it work.

*side note:  I am totally including these wipes in the supplies to send to the US troops in the Middle East!  I can’t imagine how hot, dirty and uncomfortable they are in so many pounds of gear.  I’m sure a clean tush would be absolutely wonderful and is probably something they don’t often have.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cutie-Patootie Cupcake Stand

In an act that was all kinds of awesome, Leah gifted me with my sixth [SIXTH] cake stand.  Only this time, it is the most darling cupcake stand I have ever seen!  EEeekkk.

What better way to celebrate the last birthday of my twenties (gulp) than with a snicker doodle cupcake from Brewcakes in Redlands? – Cupcakes made with beer???  Heck yes!  And even if you don't like beer, they are delicious and super dense.  YUM.

Thank heavens for my bestie who knows the way to my heart! 

I adore the cupcake stand and the sweet little details on it!  Let the cake stand obsession continue!!!