Saturday, March 16, 2013

Stacey's Stationary

So, I have found a new “thing”…

A few months ago, I made Brittany a wedding binder {here}.  Well, my co-worker/friend Stacey is getting married too and I decided to make her one as well!  It is a cute, inexpensive gift for the bride-to-be that she will actually use!

I couldn't find a pretty purple binder (her favorite color) for less than $10, so I had to be a little creative and design my own cover to jazz it up. [*side rant: who on Earth would spend $8.99 on a three ring binder, for Pete's Sake!!!] The couple’s names, their future last name’s initial and the wedding date looked lovely on the cover, printed in one of my favorite fonts.

[please excuse the post-it on the front... I was having a lame moment]

I printed an image of the bride & groom-to-be the same way I did for Brittany’s binder but I had to adjust the color a little more to give it a clean transparent feel (the background was way darker than Brittany’s photo).

I filled the binder with “custom” stationary and tabbed dividers with labels for: Venue, Catering, Dress, and so on to keep things organized.  For the extra things that may get lost in the shuffle (post-its, small receipts, tags, etc.) I inserted plastic sleeves behind each divider.

Stacey thought it was great, and I was happy with my (very belated) engagement gift!

Congrats Stacey and Jesse!!!

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