Monday, March 11, 2013

I missed you!

I missed you!  No, not my blog (although it has been HORRIBLY neglected)... I missed Houston.

I am tough…I think I am tough… I would like to be tough… I am NOT tough.   Houston went on a trip to Asia for 16 (SIXTEEN) days and I thought to myself:  “I can handle him being gone for two weeks; I will help Brittany with her wedding stuff, I will scrub my floors, I will accomplish some school work before the due date, and I will be fine.”

I was NOT fine.

It was dreadful.  And my favorite/least favorite part was Skype.  I loved being able to talk to him (for free, woot woot) and see his face, but having to hang up was awful.  I had to hang up on his face!!!!  No bueno in my book.

So, a LONG 16 days later and my man was coming home!!!  Naturally I had to do something sweet – and making him cookies was two-fold.  Baking is therapeutic and he likes my chocolate chip cookies.  Winning!

I found a super cute Dodger blue take-out box at the dollar tree, no not because he was in Asia, and filled it to the brim with cookies.  I blew up white and blue balloons and put a “welcome home” sign up.  Much to my dismay, it was not set up nearly as cute as I would have liked (reality and my “vision” rarely match up)… I was running behind, the house alarm was going off and I ultimately ended up being late to the airport (kill me now). 

I am so glad he is home, and I’m glad we both agree that we won’t be taking any more extended trips without each other.

Welcome home, my sweet man!!!

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