Saturday, March 16, 2013

Stacey's Stationary

So, I have found a new “thing”…

A few months ago, I made Brittany a wedding binder {here}.  Well, my co-worker/friend Stacey is getting married too and I decided to make her one as well!  It is a cute, inexpensive gift for the bride-to-be that she will actually use!

I couldn't find a pretty purple binder (her favorite color) for less than $10, so I had to be a little creative and design my own cover to jazz it up. [*side rant: who on Earth would spend $8.99 on a three ring binder, for Pete's Sake!!!] The couple’s names, their future last name’s initial and the wedding date looked lovely on the cover, printed in one of my favorite fonts.

[please excuse the post-it on the front... I was having a lame moment]

I printed an image of the bride & groom-to-be the same way I did for Brittany’s binder but I had to adjust the color a little more to give it a clean transparent feel (the background was way darker than Brittany’s photo).

I filled the binder with “custom” stationary and tabbed dividers with labels for: Venue, Catering, Dress, and so on to keep things organized.  For the extra things that may get lost in the shuffle (post-its, small receipts, tags, etc.) I inserted plastic sleeves behind each divider.

Stacey thought it was great, and I was happy with my (very belated) engagement gift!

Congrats Stacey and Jesse!!!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Be Mine, Valentine!

Valentine’s Day 2013

I have never been a big fan of Valentine’s Day.  No, not because I have always been single… ok, that may have had something to do with it… but I dislike the idea of showering your significant other with treated kindly and appreciated all year long!  Why should a calendar dictate when I receive flowers?  Shouldn't that be something heart felt and NOT required?  My facebook status last year actually said:

"No heart shaped box of chocolates for me... My valentine is the giver of eternal life! Boom! Jesus is awesome!"

Fast forward to 2013:

I am totally twitterpated over Houston.  He makes me all giddy-stupid and I think it is great.  We were both actually looking forward to Valentine’s Day this year – mostly because we would spend it together. 

Well… Houston’s job had other ideas.

He ended up having to commute all the way into Culver City for training. ON VALENTINE’S DAY!!!  What kind of crazy training facilitator schedules that kind of nonsense???  My poor man had to leave at 4:00 in the morning and didn’t get home until 8:00 pm.  I broke my “rule” that we weren't going to do anything on Valentine’s Day and gave him a wonky homemade card, Reese's Pieces and Tootsie Pops.  It looked like a second grader put it together, but Houston thought it was charming.  Since it was so late when he got home, I picked up some Curry Fried Rice and we ate dinner on the couch – and then he fell asleep.  Poor guy.  He was still jet lagged from {this} trip and then got stuck with an awful work schedule. 

Saturday was our Valentine’s Day together.  He showed up at my place with three dozen red roses – they looked beautiful and smelled like heaven! – I was actually sad we were not staying home so that I could enjoy them. 

We went on a beautiful drive up to Big Bear Lake and had a wonderful time just being together!  We took pictures at Boulder Bay and had an AMAZING lunch at The Peppercorn Grille [def. need to go back ASAP – the tomato-pesto pasta I ordered was to die for!!!]  I enjoyed just walking around to all the little shops, hand in hand of course, and the fresh air and sunshine.

So, what did I get Houston???  I was super sneaky and got us round trip tickets to Catalina!!!  I almost had to spill the beans right before Valentine’s Day when Houston suggested we go to Catalina in the summer –he had no idea I was already planning on it!

I made a fun nautical inspired card that said: “Come Away to Sea with Me!” [adorable, right?] I used a stock image of an anchor and added eyelets to complete the look I was going for.  I printed the tickets and wrote a whole lot of mushy stuff for the inside of the card – I will spare you the gag worthy details.  Lucky for me I even had an anchor gift bag to complete my Catalina surprise!

I am beyond grateful for Houston and the man he is.  Happy Valentine’s Day 2013, my sweet man.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Wedding Pom Poms

One of my best friends got married yesterday.  Sorry fellas of the world, the hot red-headed nurse is forever spoken-for! The wedding was lovely; a beautiful mix of rustic and elegant elements and Brittany was stunning! – That was a given.

Project Wedding Pom Poms started when Brittany saw {this} photo on Pinterest (curse you Pinterest for your awesome and insanely difficult projects) and wanted something similar for her wedding d├ęcor.  I volunteered to be on pom pom duty (I made them before for a bridal shower at work) but never realized how the project would snowball into what my co-worker Ashley deemed as: “Pomageddon”.

As with any event planning, time flies out the window and before you know it, you (I) only have two weeks to nail the colors down for the tissue paper order (score point number two, Pinterest, for making a bride commit to a decision SUPER hard!) fold, cut and fluff a BAZILLION tissue paper pom poms.

Little did I realize it would take 4 days, two lunch hours, 8 people and over 700 pieces of tissue paper to get everything ready… and that was just the fold and cut portion of the project!!! YIKES.  We ordered the tissue paper from {this} Ebay seller – the color selection is HUGE, the quality is amazing and I couldn't have asked for faster shipment or better communication.

You REALLY know who your friends are when they are willing to fold tissue paper on their lunch, 9:00 at night or when I high-jack a craft party and throw tissue paper at everyone! *I owe you ladies, and one awesome boyfriend, BIG TIME.  So we got it done.  Hallelujah.  And somehow, Ashley managed to fit all of the folded pom poms into the original USPS box so I could pack it in my suitcase.

I arrived in Healdsburg, CA and pulled out my folded tissue paper *TA-DA!* and was met with gasps from the family – just how many of these things did I have??? – Somewhere around 120 – I was too tired to actually count the Wedding Pom Poms.

So poof we must, and poof we did.  Each pom pom required a string of fishing wire (to hang it at the venue) 
and then poof the individual layers of tissue paper.  We watched movies and went through a steady stream of rotating volunteers (Aunties, Siblings, Bridesmaids, Cousins and Friends), but we finished, and the pom poms looked wonderful.  Skylar’s constant urge to jump on the pom pom mountain provided lots of entertainment and squeals from the bride-to-be.

So, how to transport that huge pile of pom poms?  Put them on top of a tarp and tie the ends together (like a hobo lunch sack) and bungee them down in the back of the pickup.  Then PRAY, and pray hard that they don’t fly out of the truck bed on the way to the venue. [I didn't take a picture for fear that I would jinx the trip!]

We had a lot of help hanging them in the barn and made quick work of decorating (which worked out well since we only had two hours to accomplish it).  Brittany wanted it to look disorganized, i.e. no set pattern, but she still wanted the colors spaced out; so, we laid them out on the ground to ensure a good color mix and then strung them up over four wires that were stung between two beams. 

The wedding pom poms added beautiful color to the space and some whimsy to the barn; Brittany loved them – and that makes it ALL worth it.

I love you, Brittany Atterbury Zumwalt.  Always.

I missed you!

I missed you!  No, not my blog (although it has been HORRIBLY neglected)... I missed Houston.

I am tough…I think I am tough… I would like to be tough… I am NOT tough.   Houston went on a trip to Asia for 16 (SIXTEEN) days and I thought to myself:  “I can handle him being gone for two weeks; I will help Brittany with her wedding stuff, I will scrub my floors, I will accomplish some school work before the due date, and I will be fine.”

I was NOT fine.

It was dreadful.  And my favorite/least favorite part was Skype.  I loved being able to talk to him (for free, woot woot) and see his face, but having to hang up was awful.  I had to hang up on his face!!!!  No bueno in my book.

So, a LONG 16 days later and my man was coming home!!!  Naturally I had to do something sweet – and making him cookies was two-fold.  Baking is therapeutic and he likes my chocolate chip cookies.  Winning!

I found a super cute Dodger blue take-out box at the dollar tree, no not because he was in Asia, and filled it to the brim with cookies.  I blew up white and blue balloons and put a “welcome home” sign up.  Much to my dismay, it was not set up nearly as cute as I would have liked (reality and my “vision” rarely match up)… I was running behind, the house alarm was going off and I ultimately ended up being late to the airport (kill me now). 

I am so glad he is home, and I’m glad we both agree that we won’t be taking any more extended trips without each other.

Welcome home, my sweet man!!!