Sunday, January 6, 2013

Modpodge Photo Frame

Whoo wheeee!!!  Did I drop the ball in December, or what???!!???

It seems as I get older that time is FLYING!  Christmas has come and gone, and I never even baked a batch of cookies… and now that I think of it, I didn’t take my normal Christmas cookies to the fire department.  

Oh well.

So what is to blame for this time flying by??? Well, my boyfriend Houston thinks he is the culprit, and he is probably right.  I have been MAJORLY slacking when it comes to my chores, craft projects and just about everything else that doesn’t include him.  Now, he is not to blame… no, no, no. I am the one who wants to spend almost every free second together. – He is so great, he will even go couponing with me at Target (winner!)

So the dilemma:  what to buy the guy who wants for nothing, has everything and insists that time together is the only thing he wants for Christmas???  * Girlfriend freak out *  I managed to be creative and get a few quirky gifts, and made him a favorite snack, but when it came down to having something for him to really enjoy, I was stumped.  Everything I tried to coordinate either failed to happen in time for Christmas or I hated the end result.  Yes, I am even guilty of trolling on Pinterest searching for “gifts for your boyfriend” ideas. UGH.

Then I had a stroke of genius.  I would make a photo frame!  I love photography, and so does Houston; actually, he REALLY likes photos of us together.  I envisioned a black and white frame with a color photo in the middle.   

I purchased an unfinished wood frame from Michaels and used craft paint to paint the edges black.   *Forgive me for also slacking on the "in process" photos.  

I printed black and white photos of us from the last 12 months and carefully arranged them around the border. *I printed on plain 'ol white paper to get the sizes right before I printed on photo paper. 

We usually take photos landscape and I had a little spot of frame that was uncovered, so I put our names and the year on the bottom right corner. – cute.  One of my favorite pictures went in the middle and, viola! 

I had originally planned on modgepodging the frame to make a smooth surface once everything was attached, but I decided to do a test on a couple of extra photos… I am sooooooo glad that I did!  I am assuming that since I printed the photos at home on my ink jet printer when I put modgepodge over it, it turned the white parts of the photos purple!!! So glad I didn’t ruin my newly finished frame!

Houston thought it was great and couldn't believe I had made it from scratch - yes, I suppose ordering one would have been easier, wouldn't it???  Merry Christmas, my man.

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