Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Custom Photo Stationary

What to do for the bride who loves lists and is FREAKING OUT!!!  ??? !!!  *side note to the gentlemen of the world:  short engagements are suicide missions for planners like us!

Make her a binder!  Even better: make her a binder with custom photo stationary.  I saw a tutorial on Pinterest for making photo stationary on plain ruled paper and freaked out because it was such an awesome idea!  *  Try as I might, I can NOT find the original Pinterest article to add the link - bummer.  
4/26/13 - I found it!!!  Click {here}

Here is what I did:

Opened a Word document
Click photo – find the image on your computer and select to add to the document.  Then resize to fit the page by dragging the corners.
*I found it helpful to zoom out on the document so I could see the whole thing at one time.  Zoom is on the bottom right of your screen in Office 2010.
Right click on the photo and select: "Format Picture" at the bottom of the list.  
Glow and Soft Edges: Adjust to your liking.
Picture Color: Click the drop down box under Recolor, Presets, and select the transparency level and color you like the best.  - You can adjust the transparency manually, but this is faster!  :0)  (I printed a ton of test pages to get the image just right.)

Then the hardest part: print a BILLION test copies and adjust the photo to make sure that the little blue lines don’t go straight through the bride’s eyes!  It took a while, but I made it perfect… thankyouverymuch!!!

I got a cute binder, tabbed dividers, plastic page protectors and filled the binder with Brittany and Jonathan stationary!!!  Perfect for jotting down notes, tearing out magazine pages and keeping track of receipts! The finishing touch? - A PINK pen, of course!

Brittany loved it, and I hope it eliminates some stress for wedding planning... even if it is only a little bit.  <3

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