Friday, January 4, 2013

Four Weddings & Me on TV!

My little heart was all a flutter yesterday as I read my email... and by "a flutter" I mean I almost died!!!  A darling customer from my Etsy shop contacted me to let me know MY birdcage and MY Kusudama flowers were on TELEVISION!!! 


That’s right… Polkadottedbluejay made it to TLC’s “Four Weddings”!!!!!  -Freak out much?  You betcha!

One of my very first customers, and the FIRST to order additional flowers was a lovely lady named Cammi.  We shared MANY emails back and forth, and most of them left me laughing at her quick wit!  I had a blast folding thirty flowers out of vintage sheet music and she purchased the unique square birdcage I found one afternoon with Leah while antiquing in Redlands (mucho thanks to Leah for spotting the cage for me!) 

Cammi’s wedding “took the cake” and she won first place on the show!!! *The winner gets a super fancy honeymoon!  She had so many pretty details and it looked like a truly elegant event!  When her dad walked her down the aisle, I completely lost it!  Pair that with a string quartet and a BACON BAR, yes I said “Bacon Bar” and I am not surprised that this super creative bride won the competition! 

There are a few shots of my flowers throughout the video and Cammi was super sweet to send me the screen shot below:

You can watch the whole episode here:  

Or a short clip of Cammi here:

Congrats to Cammi and Clayton Matthews!  Thank you for letting me be a small, yet oh so fun, part of your wedding!  <3

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