Thursday, January 17, 2013


There.  I admit it.  I have a problem, and that problem is that I LOVE cake stands!!!  -Yes, I am doing a blog post on cake stands… yikes, somebody stage an intervention – FAST!!!

I have always loved cake stands.  They are vintage-y , tragically girly and just plain adorable!  Pair that with my (also un-healthy) obsession with Pinterest and you have a potion for dozen of creative uses; other than holding yummy cakes, of course.

I received my first cake stand from one of my besties, Leah, last Christmas.  We had been shopping at Marshalls and *gasp* I saw “it”.  A darling cake stand with cut outs to thread ribbon through; granted, the ribbon on it in the store was AWFUL, but even that couldn’t disguise the beautiful porcelain!  It had a ruffled bottom on the stand and I instantly fell in love.  I picked it up, held it, and then put it back on the shelf.  *groan* It was only $15, but I was determined to pay off my last credit card with a balance, and every penny helped.  Well, Leah went back and bought that beautiful cake stand, replaced the dreadful ribbon with a beautiful eggplant purple one and surprised me for Christmas!  Now for the part that still makes my stomach sick… one week later, I watched it slip off my kitchen counter and smash into a million pieces.  I was distraught… yes, I know it is a “just” a cake stand, but it was the thought, money and love that Leah put into it that meant so much to me.  I called my mom and cried and then called Houston (whom I had only known for a couple weeks) and bawled my eyes out.  I begged the employees at Marshalls to call me if they received anything similar and I saved the gorgeous ribbon.

Cake Stand number two was a labor of love and hours of internet scouring.  After I called Houston and made an absolute fool of myself crying about a cake stand, he searched high and low for a replacement for me.  The cake stand he found is IDENTICAL to my Leah’s stand.  He had them even put in a polka dotted ribbon and I could not thank him enough!  He is just awesome like that.  It sits on my kitchen table – away from any ledges!

On my birthday, my Mom gave me cake stand number three.  It is a square with detailed edges!   It is different and pretty and I leave it on my kitchen counter – generally it has a loaf of bread or a bag of lemons on it!  Perfect for keeping things “off” the counter.

I have a WONDERFUL boss.  Her name is April, and she has the memory of Fort Knox.   She gifted me with a cake stand this Christmas, because she remembered that I had broken one last year (yes, I told EVERYONE my sad, sad story) and she tried to find something like what I had described.  Gold star April! 

Natalee also gave me cake stands numbers four and five this Christmas – probably because I was so envious when she got some last year!  They are dainty and so sweet looking!  I love that I can stack them to display yummy snacks or use them separately.  I am contemplating using the smaller one in my bathroom – a Pinterest idea, but I haven’t yet decided. 

What a quirky thing for me to collect, since I don’t do a lot of hosting, but I adore them!  Hopefully when I have a home and not a 600 square foot apartment, I can host some parties and incorporate my collection into the mix!


  1. Wow!!ribbons are so beautiful..bright colors with white dots..specially that white stand with green ribbon.

    1. I love the ribbons too!!! They make it so easy to incorporate the cake stands into my holiday decor!

      Thanks for reading!!!

      I ADORE your mint cake stand. So dainty!