Sunday, November 18, 2012

To Infinity and Beyond - Disney Survival Bag


I love Disneyland.  LOVE, as in: completely obsessed.  Houston has been asking to take me to Disneyland for over a year… he REALLY wanted to experience me being a total spastic five year old in a 28 year old body.  He was warned by Brittany who emphasized getting a good night’s sleep, eating a substantial breakfast and bracing himself for the ridiculousness that happens when I get within two miles of the “Happiest Place on Earth”!!!!

Houston hadn't been to Disneyland in about ten years, a tragedy in my opinion, and I wanted to make sure I did my part making it super fun!!!

I decided to make a Disney Survival Bag with things we may need through the day:
Water Bottles
Sunscreen (Thank you Southern California for 85 degree weather in NOVEMBER!)
Disney fruit snacks
Popchips (Houston’s favorite)
And just for something cute: a Mickey Mouse pen and notepad (to stick out of the top of the bag)

Disney Survival Kit

I printed “Houston” in the Waltograph font from dafont ({here} is the link), cut it out and mounted on red cardstock.  Then I glued the red cardstock to the white gift bag.  Everything in the Disney Survival Bag was either wrapped in Mickey Mouse paper or red polka dot ribbon – so cute!!! I forgot to take a photo when I put it together, but you get the idea! 

Disney Survival Kit

My favorite part was the ribbon on the handles of the gift bag.  I alternated red polka dot ribbon and black and white gingham ribbon.  The ribbon in about an inch and a half long and I put a dot of hot glue on the handle and crisscrossed the ribbon around it (to kinda make the glue oozy) to attach it.  I decided not to go all the way around the handle, but to make it fun and A-symmetrical.  I think it is more interesting that way!

The survival bag came in pretty handy!  We didn't have to purchase water all day (at $3.50 a bottle, I am glad we brought our own!) and it was nice to have little snacks throughout the day.  Houston loved the bag, was so excited and it goes without saying that I did not disappoint in the spazz department… The cast member working in the parking structure commented that I was “more excited than most of the kids they see.”

It was a fun filled and magical day!

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