Sunday, November 11, 2012

If you like it then you should have put a bow on it!

I wanted to make a hair bow that would match my [awesome] Mickey sweatshirt for Disneyland last Saturday, and when I found the PERFECT color ribbon with polka dots, a hair bow became a MUST!

I did a trial bow out of some scrap ribbon, following {this} tutorial I found on Pinterest; I’m glad I gave it a test run… it looks easy, but having to hold/fold and crease left me wishing for additional hands and fingers!  Trying to figure out which side to fold to hide the seam of the ribbon was an equal challenge.

Once I got that all figured out, I had a needle and thread waiting in the wings and did a really simple stitch to hold the pinched part of the fabric in place.  Then, I cut a small piece of ribbon to use in the center and hot glued it around the middle so the seam was on the back.  Note: my sewing skills are limited to buttons, pointe shoes and emergency bridesmaid repairs – taking sewing classes and actually being good at it is on my bucket list.  Also, why have we done away with Home Ec classes???  THAT is the stuff I can actually use in my everyday life!  Who cares how to find the length of some imaginary triangle???  Teach me how to sew, bake some awesome cupcakes! *Rant over

So, pretty simple, and CHEAP!  Did I mention cheap???  The ribbon only cost two dollars, so much better than spending $6 at Forever21 on something that was just “ok”.  I just stuck a bobby pin through the back and then crisscrossed another one to hold it in place.  I wish my hair tie would have stayed hidden, but I can’t win every battle.

New obsession: EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE NEEDS A BOW ON IT!  I am already thinking of making some of these to decorate Christmas presents in a creative way!


  1. I love it! It's so sweet - and gives a nod to vintage style. Bows are just so YOU! (Especially polkadotted ones)

  2. Thanks Marilyn! I need to work on getting the creases "just right"... :0)