Monday, October 22, 2012

Thank you "berry" much!

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I am blessed.  Not only do I have a job, I have a job that I enjoy (most days) and the great pleasure of having wonderful and kind upper management.

I have GREAT bosses.  The kind most people dream about.  They say “please” and “thank you” and go the extra mile for me, when in reality they could slap me on the back and say “congrats, you still have a job.  Now suck it up and get back to work.” 

They remember birthdays.  They celebrate my successes (graduation, whoop whoop!). They stay late at work while I run to the train.  They ask how I am doing (generally this is asked when I am exhausted and just “not myself”).  They let me decorate for the holidays.  They don’t tell me to pipe down when I sing off key.  They know they are superior, but never treat me as if talking to me is beneath them.

So, since last Tuesday was Bosses Day, I wanted to do a little something for them too!  Granted, my gift was not nearly as extravagant as the shenanigans the bosses do during Administration Appreciation Day (they celebrate the whole WEEK!) but I firmly believe it is the thought that counts.

What to get…what to get??? 

Everyone was going to get a scented candle from Bath and Body Works (and a gift receipt to exchange it)… that is, until I saw that Bath and Body Works has FINALLY rolled out waterless antibacterial sanitizers in larger containers. –One can only be creative with the pocket-bacs for so long.  Yippie skippie!  Instantly I had an idea and just needed to put it together! 

4 Yummy Strawberry Antibacterial Sanitizers, Homemade tags, and a little ribbon and I had an awesome gift for my 4 favorite bosses!

I made the tags to say:  “thank you “berry” much!” and added some strawberry clipart.  I wrote on the back of the tag and attached it to the bottle with gingham ribbon. –I apologized to Joe that it wasn't more “manly” smelling… they haven’t yet created beer scented sanitizers.  –Note to self:  million dollar idea! He didn't seem to mind; score one point for the thought that counts theory!  The ladies love them, and I think they waterless is fantastic for at their desks!

Thank you, April, Dana, Barbra and Joe for being the amazing bosses you are and for caring about me.  YOU are appreciated.

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  1. You are so sweet, and this gift idea is adorbs! I love how you love to give, it's such a picture of God's heart. <3