Saturday, October 6, 2012

Zumba Gift Bag

Envision this if you will:

You’re in your back yard and you climb over the fence from your yard and into the field.  You’re now “beyond” where you were.  If you walk across the field and cross the creek, you are now “beyond” the previous “beyond”.  If then, you climb the fence, cross the creek and walk until you can no longer see your house at ALL, you have gone “beyond the wayyyy beyond”.  (Adapted from Pricilla Shirer)

God’s goodness and provision are just AWESOME.  Recently I have been able to see him go “beyond the wayyyyy beyond” in so many of my dear friend’s lives.  Prayer and patience are essential for this to happen, unfortunately I am lacking in both categories (the latter especially).  As I have written before, I love Ephesians 3:20. He is able to do FAR more abundantly, BEYOND all I can ask or even think!!!  -Such a mind trip for a dreamer like myself… you mean God is going to outdo even MY overactive imagination???  Yes, yes, and Amen!

Please read Marilyn’s “beyond” story {here} and enjoy a dose of just how cool God is. (She also took some better pictures than I did).

I also have a confession.  I am mildly addicted to the clear paint buckets from Michael’s!  QUICK! Someone stage an intervention!!!  I really wanted to try to use vinyl and my Cricut for Marilyn’s Zumba bucket, but I didn't manage my time well and thus ran out of crafting time.  Ugh.  One thing that has come in handy for the buckets is my circle cutters from Creative Memories.  They are old, but cut a perfectly sized circle for the top of the bucket! 

Newest craft shortcut?  I HATE spending money on the crinkly-basket-filler-stuff (even “cheap” prices and it is over a dollar a bag) there must be a better way, right?  Well, a few Christmases ago, a friend’s mom suggested I shred the left over wrapping paper as gift bag filler… So, with a little finagling, I figured out how to make paper crinkly!  What you need: small waste basket, shredder, craft paper and a sturdy piece of cardboard (I used a spiral notebook).

I placed my cardboard (notebook) over the top of the wastebasket, put the shredder on top of the cardboard and fed one piece of colored cardstock through the shredder.  Because the paper can’t freely fall into the wastebasket, it gets crimped!  Hooray for homemade crinkly-basket-filler-stuff.  Bonus:  you can totally pick the color/pattern/etc. to match whatever project you are working on!  

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