Monday, October 22, 2012

Thank you "berry" much!

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I am blessed.  Not only do I have a job, I have a job that I enjoy (most days) and the great pleasure of having wonderful and kind upper management.

I have GREAT bosses.  The kind most people dream about.  They say “please” and “thank you” and go the extra mile for me, when in reality they could slap me on the back and say “congrats, you still have a job.  Now suck it up and get back to work.” 

They remember birthdays.  They celebrate my successes (graduation, whoop whoop!). They stay late at work while I run to the train.  They ask how I am doing (generally this is asked when I am exhausted and just “not myself”).  They let me decorate for the holidays.  They don’t tell me to pipe down when I sing off key.  They know they are superior, but never treat me as if talking to me is beneath them.

So, since last Tuesday was Bosses Day, I wanted to do a little something for them too!  Granted, my gift was not nearly as extravagant as the shenanigans the bosses do during Administration Appreciation Day (they celebrate the whole WEEK!) but I firmly believe it is the thought that counts.

What to get…what to get??? 

Everyone was going to get a scented candle from Bath and Body Works (and a gift receipt to exchange it)… that is, until I saw that Bath and Body Works has FINALLY rolled out waterless antibacterial sanitizers in larger containers. –One can only be creative with the pocket-bacs for so long.  Yippie skippie!  Instantly I had an idea and just needed to put it together! 

4 Yummy Strawberry Antibacterial Sanitizers, Homemade tags, and a little ribbon and I had an awesome gift for my 4 favorite bosses!

I made the tags to say:  “thank you “berry” much!” and added some strawberry clipart.  I wrote on the back of the tag and attached it to the bottle with gingham ribbon. –I apologized to Joe that it wasn't more “manly” smelling… they haven’t yet created beer scented sanitizers.  –Note to self:  million dollar idea! He didn't seem to mind; score one point for the thought that counts theory!  The ladies love them, and I think they waterless is fantastic for at their desks!

Thank you, April, Dana, Barbra and Joe for being the amazing bosses you are and for caring about me.  YOU are appreciated.

*** Please see the updated project HERE ***

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Decisions... Decisions...

Anyone who has known me for any period of time knows that I despise making “life” decisions.  Yes, I realize BIG decisions are a part of life, but that does NOT mean I have to enjoy it.

I don’t like moving, trying new hair colors, making career choices, or large financial purchases. 

Well, I tackled the latter of that list and purchased my new car.  15.5 hours and two days’ worth of serious heartburn and upset stomach… but I did it!  No more counting miles and worrying about having to keep my leased car in tip-top shape for the dealership (I still will do this, because I like my things to stay nice) – It is HEAVENLY being out of that vehicle lease!  Three years ago, leasing was what was the best “fit” for me financially, and I was so grateful to be able to have a new, dependable vehicle to drive!  Now, onto a new chapter in “ownership”, and at least a half dozen years without any car “decisions” – hopefully!   God’s provision is so good.

P.s.  Don’t you just LOVE the color???  I squealed with delight when I saw it on the lot! 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Zumba Gift Bag

Envision this if you will:

You’re in your back yard and you climb over the fence from your yard and into the field.  You’re now “beyond” where you were.  If you walk across the field and cross the creek, you are now “beyond” the previous “beyond”.  If then, you climb the fence, cross the creek and walk until you can no longer see your house at ALL, you have gone “beyond the wayyyy beyond”.  (Adapted from Pricilla Shirer)

God’s goodness and provision are just AWESOME.  Recently I have been able to see him go “beyond the wayyyyy beyond” in so many of my dear friend’s lives.  Prayer and patience are essential for this to happen, unfortunately I am lacking in both categories (the latter especially).  As I have written before, I love Ephesians 3:20. He is able to do FAR more abundantly, BEYOND all I can ask or even think!!!  -Such a mind trip for a dreamer like myself… you mean God is going to outdo even MY overactive imagination???  Yes, yes, and Amen!

Please read Marilyn’s “beyond” story {here} and enjoy a dose of just how cool God is. (She also took some better pictures than I did).

I also have a confession.  I am mildly addicted to the clear paint buckets from Michael’s!  QUICK! Someone stage an intervention!!!  I really wanted to try to use vinyl and my Cricut for Marilyn’s Zumba bucket, but I didn't manage my time well and thus ran out of crafting time.  Ugh.  One thing that has come in handy for the buckets is my circle cutters from Creative Memories.  They are old, but cut a perfectly sized circle for the top of the bucket! 

Newest craft shortcut?  I HATE spending money on the crinkly-basket-filler-stuff (even “cheap” prices and it is over a dollar a bag) there must be a better way, right?  Well, a few Christmases ago, a friend’s mom suggested I shred the left over wrapping paper as gift bag filler… So, with a little finagling, I figured out how to make paper crinkly!  What you need: small waste basket, shredder, craft paper and a sturdy piece of cardboard (I used a spiral notebook).

I placed my cardboard (notebook) over the top of the wastebasket, put the shredder on top of the cardboard and fed one piece of colored cardstock through the shredder.  Because the paper can’t freely fall into the wastebasket, it gets crimped!  Hooray for homemade crinkly-basket-filler-stuff.  Bonus:  you can totally pick the color/pattern/etc. to match whatever project you are working on!