Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Why do I wait FOREVER to do projects???  I usually just end up kicking myself for not doing it sooner!  This project is a perfect example of my silliness.

I purchased and painted my new kitchen table waaaay back in February and I had a TON of paint left over.  I loved the idea of painting my “entertainment center” but I didn’t know how great it would look; it is a cheapy particle board piece of furniture from WalMart, and almost ten years old!  But on Sunday I decided to just give it a go… worst case scenario:  I go buy a better quality and already dark wood tv stand! 

See?  Kinda an eyesore. 

I started by painting a shelf and when that didn’t look horrific, I just went to town.  Like I said, it was rather spur of the moment, and I didn’t think through: painting in the 100 degree weather – paint dries REALLY fast on a non-wood surface in that kind of heat.  But I had fun, and I think it only took an hour and a half total to finish. 

It is not the most perfect paint job, but the small imperfections are nothing anyone would notice sitting across the room on my couch!  I love (LOVE) how much better it looks; more “mature” maybe? And only dread having to dust more frequently! :0)  Hooray for “new” furniture!!!

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