Saturday, June 16, 2012

Graduation Card Box

I love crafting, but recently I haven’t been able to manage all the projects I have taken on… sigh.  I had an “oh shoot” moment last week when I realized I had only given myself two days to complete a graduation box for a co-worker’s son’s graduation party.  My birdcage card holder was obviously too girly for an eighteen year old boy, and I struggled to come up with another idea.

So saw this graduation box at Target and figured I could make it work – my co-worker really wanted her son’s school colors incorporated in some way. 

I purchased the colored cardstock and simply covered the box with it.  Then I thought it would be cute to include his name and graduation year (since I covered the part of the box that already said that).   The paper didn’t lie as flat as I would have liked, but she was happy and said that the box worked great for his party! 

Gold star for me for a crunch project.

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