Thursday, June 21, 2012

New stuff!! - Ohhhh yea...

Soooo excited!

New listings in my shop!  Totally hoping I get to make pretty flowers for lots and lots of people!

-I am thinking a "Penny Blossoms" assembly line, a la Big Bang Theory, may be in order! Hooray!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Purple and Pink Birdcages

I am just absolutely tickled that people have purchased some of my crafts from Etsy!!!  I have even had a few birdcage requests from friends for weddings and I couldn’t be more thrilled!!!

I got to decorate a beautiful cage for Frances’ sister’s wedding; Perfectly purple in shades of Elegant Eggplant.  She already had the cage, so all I had to do was have fun and make it pretty!

My friend from work, Debbie, commissioned me to make a cage for a dear friend (her Red Robin Friday night waitress: Julie) in blush pink and gold.  I was a little worried the color may be too “peachy” but it looked stunning and Julie was pleased… Extra gold star for the paper being polka dots! Boo-yah!  It was a last minute project, so I didn’t get to bask in the glow of my handiwork, but I LOVE how it turned out! Peachy-keen-jelly-bean!

So, thank you thank you thank you… my friends and customers for making me one happy little blue jay!  Now to make some more flowers – I’m thinking of making listings just for the flowers themselves too.   

Sunday, June 17, 2012

School's Out For Summer!!!

60 units in coursework
12 Semesters
10 Years after High School
3 Years as a student at Riverside City College
1 AWFUL math class
Earning my Associates Degree in Fine and Applied Arts?

Three years ago I decided to finally go to college… I had tried to “go back to school” a few times after high school, but life and work always got in the way.  In 2009 though, I made a decision to go regardless of what life may throw my way and when I decide to do something, there is no stopping me.  Granted, it took longer than I would have liked but considering I worked full time and even commuted to Los Angeles 25 hours a week for a year of it (ugh) I think I did pretty well. 

I was conflicted about actually walking at the ceremony; I had no friends to sit with and share the experience, it is a community college degree, and it was probably going to be HOT!  Well, all those things were true, but I am proud of my little accomplishment and besides… it gave me an excuse to do another craft project:  decorating my graduation cap!!!

I wanted to incorporate my Polkadottedbluejay logo and my name – in my favorite color of course.  I cut my name out of shimmer cardstock using my Cricut (even though it was almost too thick for my first generation cricut) – which was WAY easier than covering letters with loose glitter like I had originally planned; and cut out the “J” by hand.  A little ribbon on the edges and shimmer circles to cover up the hot glue dots and I called it a day.  It worked out rather well, as you can clearly spot my blue glitter cap among the sea of black caps in all the pictures my family and friends took.  

Hooray for me, and hooray for graduation!  Now, onward to a University!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Graduation Card Box

I love crafting, but recently I haven’t been able to manage all the projects I have taken on… sigh.  I had an “oh shoot” moment last week when I realized I had only given myself two days to complete a graduation box for a co-worker’s son’s graduation party.  My birdcage card holder was obviously too girly for an eighteen year old boy, and I struggled to come up with another idea.

So saw this graduation box at Target and figured I could make it work – my co-worker really wanted her son’s school colors incorporated in some way. 

I purchased the colored cardstock and simply covered the box with it.  Then I thought it would be cute to include his name and graduation year (since I covered the part of the box that already said that).   The paper didn’t lie as flat as I would have liked, but she was happy and said that the box worked great for his party! 

Gold star for me for a crunch project.

30 Sucks...

Very rarely in my life have people done something for me expecting absolutely nothing in return.   Generally I get the short end of this lead-weighted stick and do all the work in my relationships.  In third grade I used all my hard earned “Cherry Cash” (frugally saved by yours truly) to buy all of my friends the pencils, watercolor sets and erasers that they wanted – what did I get?  I really don’t think I got anything, since all I remember is not doing my math correctly and owing Ms. Cherry two “Cherry Cash” I did not have.  You think a single one of those “friends” would give up an eraser to save me from my embarrassment? – Nope. 

As an adult, life has made me jaded and apprehensive about people “just doing things to be nice”… usually it is a guise to get me to do something; perhaps not immediately, but eventually collections will start calling on me to pay up.  I am also a firm believer in the whole “get what you give” mantra – but that isn’t just about money.  I think one sided friendships/relationships/people are a big fat waste of time.  I don’t want to be the one who always calls, that coordinates everything, puts in all the effort (forehead slap as I type this, because that is generally the way I operate). 

Enter Houston. 

He is single-handedly has attempted to disarm my brick/concrete/tough-as-nails wall of skepticism with his generosity.  Loooong story short, he spoiled me rotten on my birthday, never expecting anything in return.  I wanted to return the favor, but since the Beatles are no longer touring and I couldn’t get tickets to a “Big Bang Theory” studio taping, I was at a complete loss at how to pay him back.  Now, the whole payback thing is my complex, not his… a card and a Coffee Bean iced tea would have been sufficient for his birthday.  But that would just not do.

Thank goodness for Pinterest saving the day (again); and I, again, attempted to improve upon a Pinterest idea and make it AWESOME.

Houston’s birthday was his 30th birthday, and I loved the idea of “30 Sucks” with a bouquet/box of suckers… but since I LOVE those silly paint buckets from Michaels (seriously, the person who thought of them was GENIUS) I decided to use that instead.   And since 30 is not so bad, I tried to make it a little more upbeat by adding “…but I think you’re awesome.”

30 Tootsie Pops in my bucket, each with a flag with a reason my friend is awesome, and I had a killer birthday present.   In my mind, the teeter-totter of gift giving is still a little unbalanced, but I can honestly say that his generosity is sincere and without selfish motivation and I am so fortunate to call him my friend.