Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Baby Buckets!

My dear friend from church, Sam, is expecting her first child (as I finally post this on my blog, little Olivia Marie has arrived!!!) and I wanted to do something cute for her baby shower…

Problem #1 Sam and her hubby Yanick chose not to know the sex of the baby.  Good for them! – bad for me and my gift-giving.  Trying to find a gender neutral project idea was kinda difficult, especially since most baby presents revolve around pink or blue clothing!!! 

Enter the burpee-bucket … Pinterest strikes again!!!

I saw this cute bucket on Pinterest and used it as inspiration to make a gift for baby Vincent.   I picked up a bucket at Michaels and wash cloths at Baby’s R Us – they were SUPER cute yellow and green with a little duck embroidered on it.  I just rolled them and stuffed it in the bucket; simple.  I used my cricut to cut out a “V” in coordinating green polka dotted paper and I glued it to the top of the lid.  – Nothing fancy, but I think it turned out cute; and Sam can re-use the bucket to hold toys or other baby related knick-knacks. 

At the shower, Miles – Marilyn’s little boy, was enamored by the bucket and all the fun noises the bucket makes!  His birthday was at the end of March and I figured I would make him a little bucket of his own!  I purchased a smaller version of the bucket and used my cricut (I LOVE that thing) to cut out his name out of fun boy paper and then put a coordinating colored die cut with stars on it, on the lid.  Logistics on this bucket were challenging – I couldn’t figure out how to glue the letters to the clear plastic of the bucket!!!  I ended up using Elmer’s glue and gluing them to the outside of the bucket (they managed to stay glued for about 45 minutes once Miles started playing with it, but that is ok).  He was so cute playing with the bucket; putting the lid on and off, over and over again!