Friday, March 30, 2012

DIY Lion Costume

It is a very good thing the only people reading this blog are my darling friends… Seriously, I have been neglecting the crafting/picture taking/writing.  Ugh.

The ladies retreat at church was a “safari” theme this year: “Faithful, Abundant, True On the hunt for life's greatest adventure!”  I about nearly fell out of my seat when Pricilla Shirer started speaking on the Saturday night session (on DVD of course) and the verse she was using was: Ephesians 3:20


She challenged us with lessons I will forever treasure.  “Pray to God to do ­­___ or BETTER!”  “God doesn’t want to only go beyond what I can imagine… He wants to go beyond the WAY BEYOND.”  Why do I limit God in my prayers and in my faith?  He is soooo capable and has my best interest at heart.  I suppose the thing that makes me fearful is knowing His plan may be completely different from MY plan – and the control freak in me lashes out in rebellion. 

The ladies have a “parade” each year for outfits that correspond with the theme.  This year’s categories consisted of: most classic safari look, creative use of prints, and overall outfit.  Well, my bedroom and bathroom is completely decked out in leopard but I only own ONE leopard necklace.  So, unless I was going to wear a robe or my shower curtain… I needed to figure something else out!

School is back in session (being a 28 year old student is exhausting!) and I completely procrastinated on even attempting to gather anything for an outfit.  I hated the idea of buying something to wear for two hours and it would probably be so gaudy I would never wear it again.

The only idea I had was to BE the safari and dress up like a lion.  So, 14 hours before ladies retreat I picked up white makeup from PartyCity and gold tulle from Joann.  Making a tie-knot tutu is soooo easy and I had the whole thing put together in less than an hour.  I originally was wearing it on my waist, but the ladies got a kick out of it when I jokingly put it on my head, so there it stayed.  So, for under four dollars I had a killer outfit and made everyone laugh.  Awesome.

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