Sunday, February 26, 2012

Turning Tables

“I am going to love to watch you get married, pregnant and start nesting… it is going to be amazing!!!!”  - said my commuting friend Alison. 
It is true, I have had the undeniable urge to nest lately - and without any of the before mentioned status changes!!!  I love being at home and doing things to make it more adorable and comfortable.  I wish I had more space, but I am thankful for what I have… and like all things, that too will happen someday.  I partially blame Pinterest for the sudden swell of nesting-ness; otherwise it is my constant struggle to live in the “now” and not the “what if” future that makes me what to make my “now” surroundings better. 
For the last seven years I have dined on a beautiful Olive Graden table, that my dad rescued from being trashed, and mis-matching Sizzler chairs.  My “dining area” – if it could even be considered an area – is tiny and smushed between kitchen, office and entryway.  Needless to say: it doesn’t allow for versatile dining options.  I love dark wood (hate how it shows all the dust, but I guess I can’t have everything) and I am constantly looking on Craigslist for new furniture pieces for my little castle.  Size, like I said, is an issue and so is the cost – I have to be able to afford to eat on this new table, after all. 
I found a black table that just barely fit the measurements of my dining area and it included three chairs for $25!!!  Three chairs may sound like a bummer to most people, but I can’t fit four and I have no place to store an extra one - *SCORE*.  So I took up a friend on an offer to borrow his truck and went to look at it/pick it up.  The owner had “tried to clean it up” and apparently thought bleach was the way to go… in retrospect, I should have haggled over the price! Shoot.  Well, I was going to paint it anyway, so it went in the back of the truck and I took it home; and it sat in my living room for over a week.  Hehehe. 

A rather expensive trip to Home Depot, an afternoon of sanding and painting, learning about wood grains, and then another coat of paint a week later (I could only work on it on the weekend, it is too dark when I get home from work) and I had a new kitchen table!!!

LOVE it.  And it is much more cohesive with the other pieces I have in my living room.  I think I am going to get a piece of glass for the top, I am worried about chipping or removing the paint, and making some kind of cushion for the seats.  But for now, it is great.  Yeah me!


  1. Did you sand that at your apartment? And did you have to carry that up your stairs? You are Superwoman!!!! I love painting furniture and turning something not so lovely into something purdy. You did an amazing your posts!

  2. It really wasn't that heavy...and I had some help. :0) Really need to find a piece of glass for the top though...

    Thank you for reading, Summer. <3

  3. I saw glass at Anna's Linens right by the front door (the one on Day). It might be a shot in the dark...but maybe they have different sizes, or you can fit 2 on your table (if you don't mind having 2).

  4. Thanks Leah! Good looking out! <3