Saturday, February 4, 2012

House Party

A year ago I had no idea just how difficult commuting for work would be… I have always had to “commute” – half an hour or so; but I mean, REALLY commuting.  Now my commute time from my front door to the front desk at work is two and a half hours!  Read: commuting stinks!
Much to my delight, I have made numerous “train friends” – everyone generally sits in the same seats – to which my other friends laugh and say: “Of course you made train friends! You will talk to anyone!”  Fact.   Since we have gotten to know each other well, or well enough to share in each other’s joys and sorrows, I decided to have a mini celebration for Mike.  Escrow closed on his house!
I toyed with the idea of making a cake look like a house (saw off the corners and use piping to draw a door and windows) but freaked out when I went to purchase piping and it was SIX DOLLARS a tube!!! (Side note: Mom, I am sorry for wasting tubes of that stuff over the years!)  Instead I opted for cupcakes, simplified having to bring extra supplies on the train as well, and had to figure out how to incorporate the house… boys don’t care, but I wanted them to be cute!
I printed a clipart house with a “sold” sign and punched it out with my circle punch.  Voila!  An escrow “coin”!!!  Elmer’s glue went on the back, a tooth pick and then another coin glued to the first one completed the tooth pick sandwich.  Each cupcake got a house pick, and we ate cupcakes at 7:30 in the morning!

I printed the same clipart house on a card and had the other train peeps sign it for Mike.  Congrats!

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