Saturday, January 14, 2012


Not every project I try turns out great… and this is one of those projects.  I had read a tutorial on making rope words (see original tutorial ~here~) and thought it would be kinda fun to make one for Dad as a funny Christmas gift.
Dad has a nickname:  Captain Courageous KENtagious, so I thought that it would be fun to make that into a rope word. 
Where on earth do you find rope??? Forty-five minutes in Joann’s and all I found was some trim for pillows, and that would just not do.  So… off to home depot I went and bought a reasonably priced ball of jute!  What is it about home depot that makes a girl feel so under the microscope?  Just because I am not covered in dirt or buying nails does not mean I don’t know how to use tools or skillfully paint with spray paint.  (Rant over)
I mixed the glue/cornstarch and dipped the rope in the bowl… I ended up wasting a lot of rope, but I figured it would be better to have too much than be short in the end (ultimately wasting the rope anyway).  I laid out a sheet of wax paper on the counter and spelled out the “Kentagious”.   I added a little extra glue mixture to the points where the rope intersected, like the instructions said… but I think I may have been a little too liberal in the application, because it didn’t dry clear.
**Please forgive the "in process" picture below **

The end result was a little crusty/flaky – I think mostly due to my generous glue application – but Dad thought it was neat and promptly walked it to the garage and stapled it up to the wall.  Although it was a silly gift, it made him smile; and I love that.      


  1. I was hoping you were going to post some more of your fab ideas again soon:) I wanted to do this for Shane's cowboy themed room..but was always afraid. I have seen it done with wire and rope. Love it!

  2. Awh... Thank you Summer!
    It was easy; but I should have measured the length of rope before hand and eased up on the glue!