Saturday, January 14, 2012

Christmas Cookies

The holidays are always a crummy time to have to go to work… and I always feel sorry for the guys at the fire station near my house on Christmas – they are busy putting out all of the Christmas tree fires!  So, it has become a bit of a tradition for me to take them Christmas goodies and wish them merry Christmas!
I baked my chocolate chip cookies and made a batch of peppermint pretzels; put them in some cookie “tins” – what should these be called since they are plastic and not tin??? – and hoped to bring them some holiday cheer.
I made two green tags with my Cricut machine and labeled each tin and tied some curling ribbon around them just to make them look pretty. 

This year I actually dropped them off on Christmas day and the guys at the station were so excited to get a present of their own – one guy practically vaulted up out of his chair when I said I had brought cookies.
In a time of year where everyone is so concerned about what they will be getting for Christmas, it is nice to remember what Christmas is really all about – Jesus being born and being the best gift I will ever receive – and show that gratitude by sharing that joy with others.

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