Thursday, August 4, 2011

Adventure - in the form of a fire alarm...

Last night was an adventure!!! 
I warned the world, via facebook – of course, that I would be grabbing adventure by the horns; well, last night “adventure” actually came and found me!
I was absolutely exhausted last night and decided that I wasn’t going to work out… my tummy was hungry and my hair needed to be washed.  So I dropped all my bags by the door, pulled the clean laundry out of the dryer and jumped into the shower.  I kid you not… I had been in the shower for thirty seconds (just enough to make my hair wet) when my fire-alarm started screaming.  It took a moment for my brain to process what was going on – like I said: exhausted.  Next thing I know, I am in a towel, grabbing my car keys and phone and headed out the door.  As I reached for the door handle my brain stopped me short and screamed:
Thank heavens I had left my pj’s on my bed, so I leaped into them and headed out the door.  My neighbor - Wayne (we “met” out on the sidewalk) – opened his door at the same time I did; when I realized the alarm was not only going off in my apartment, but the whole building, I called 911.  When the dispatcher told me a unit was responding and it appeared to be a false alarm, I went back inside to put more clothes on, fix my dripping wet hair and tidy-up my living room and kitchen (I couldn’t have firemen in my apartment seeing my freshly washed under-roos) and then went back outside.
The engine showed up and the guys put on their full gear and examined a panel on the side of the building.  The alarms were off in a few minutes and the reason was: an exterior alarm was tampered with – so the alarm was really alerting the department.  The engine that responded was from the station that I frequently take cookies to during the holidays, the Southeast Scallywags!  The fireman I was talking to cracked up when I knew their nickname.

Up next: “thank you cookies!”  - I am thinking a bucket of cookies decorated with Pirate skulls and crossbones. 

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