Monday, July 25, 2011

Celebration Cookies

Anthropology class… oh how I loathed you.  I was ecstatic when I finished the WORST 16 weeks of online classes and managed to hold onto a small piece of my sanity in the process.
I suffered through discouragement, failure, and horrible scores on tests – less than perfection is in NO way acceptable!  -with my commuting comrades cheering me on every day.  Sometimes they would ask why I wasn’t doing homework: because I don’t want to, oK??? And they celebrated my mini accomplishments too.
I thought it was fitting then, that when I finished class and somehow had managed to achieve an “A” grade, that we should all celebrate.  - Still don't know how that happened...
So… this project is something I did over a month ago - I baked homemade chocolate chip cookies (commonly known at work as “Elise’s Crack Cookies” – because they are addicting, and decorated baggies with my letter grade and some curling ribbon for a “pretty” touch.

Then one by one, as my train-buddies got on the train, I threw a baggie at them and yelled “I got an A!!!!” 
They were simple but effective and I had fun making them. – which, is that not the most important thing?

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