Friday, July 8, 2011

Birdcage Part I

Hi.  I’m the wedding greeter, and welcome to the wedding!  -I am practicing for Shauna’s wedding next weekend.  One of my “greeter duties” is to assemble a card-holding-receptacle; a task Brittany (my co-greeter) decided should be a “beautiful vintage birdcage!”  That would be easy – that is if we lived anywhere besides the surface of the sun Moreno Valley.  The hunt was on!
I pride myself on being able to find practically anything online – all hail the Google Queen – but this project threw me for a loop!  The few cages I did find cost a FORTUNE to ship and the basic-white-generic cages were not what Brittany was looking for. 

Project deadline came and went and my co-greeter left for Minnesota - not to return until the day of the wedding. UGH! 
Leah and I had planned on spending a few hours together over the weekend and thought yard-sale hopping would be fun… all the while keeping our eyes peeled for anything that even slightly resembled a birdcage.  “Lord help us find a stinkin’ birdcage!” – Not my most reverent prayer, but I like being “real” with God… He knows my thoughts anyway.  Besides, if we didn’t find one, I was borrowing the box the Artmans used for their wedding and calling it a day!!!  Leah wanted to pick up paint at Michaels, and being in the vicinity of Marshalls, we went in “just to see.”
From the moment I could see the home goods, I could see BIRDCAGES!!!  The downside: circling the very birdcages I wanted, no. NEEDED; was a swarm of female vultures (haha, bird, get it?) threatening to make off with my prize! Well, praise God they were all eyeballing the one I didn’t want and I walked triumphantly out of the store with my birdcage (for a ROCK BOTTOM price) and giving thanks to God for being faithful in even the smallest things – Like silly birdcages.
Now.  Here is what it looked like in the store.

Stay tuned for the finished result! Yeah!

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